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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinosaur Sounds- Catch 22

Sorry guys, I have been EXTREMELY busy due to swimming and homework, but I am back and ready to post another favorite album. I have already talked about Catch 22 before, and figured I should talk about another one of their albums. Remember that you can always add my last.fm here. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Sounds:

Dinosaur Sounds is a 2003 Catch 22 album and shows the band finally emerging from the shadow of former frontman Tomas Kalnoky. The album is a radical departure from previous work; while the band maintains its trademark aggression and inquisitive nature, the topics have steered back to rock and roll staples like relationship woes and alcohol, occasionally dabbling into the dark themes that made the band so distinctive compared to its ska contemporaries. "Beguile the Time" features a brief but powerful anti-war message, while "So Cold" sounds like a salvo being fired towards Kalnoky and his new outfit, Streetlight Manifesto
1."Rocky"  3:23
2."Beguile The Time"  2:47
3."Wine Stained Lips"  2:46
4."Motown Cinderella"  2:32
5."Chin Up" (Pat Calpin, Catch 22, and Ryan Eldred)3:20
6."Dreams of Venus"  3:07
7."Dripping Faucet"  3:11
8."Good Times" (Catch 22, Pat Kays, and Ian McKenzie)3:06
9."Interlude"  0:41
10."So Cold"  2:57
11."Regression" (Catch 22, Pat Kays, and Ian McKenzie)1:53
12."Chasing the Moon"  1:33
13."Lamont's Lament"

One of my favorite songs:

And as usual, The randy video of the day:

Badminton is fucking hardass! See ya later!