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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Everthing Goes Numb- Streetlight Manifesto

Hey guys, sorry for missing yesterday I was driving to a swim meet. I just finished up and thought of an album to share with you guys today. Its another album from Streetlight but it is nonetheless one of the best ska-punk albums. Remember to follow and add my Last.fm here.
All right then:

Track listing

Another album written and sung by Tomas Kalnoky, but you should be able to see the resemblance to the other albums 
1."Everything Went Numb"  3:29
2."That'll Be the Day"  4:42
3."Point/Counterpoint"  5:27
4."If and When We Rise Again"  4:19
5."A Better Place, a Better Time"  6:28
6."We Are the Few"  4:56
7."Failing, Flailing"  5:28
8."Here’s to Life"  4:41
9."A Moment of Silence"  5:13
10."A Moment of Violence"  2:00
11."The Saddest Song"  3:18
12."The Big Sleep"

Allmusic says: Streetlight Manifesto's competent, lively ska-punk debut sets jittery, usually very rapid tunes to singer/guitarist Tomas Kalnoky's ultra-fast vocals. (Kalnoky also wrote all of the material and produced the record.) It's much like hearing a hardcore punk singer supported by much cheerier melodies and varied rhythms than most hardcore punk bands could muster. The lyrics, too, aren't too far afield from hardcore, with their breathless narrative thrust and pumped-up vibes of prickly despair, uncertainty, assertion of individual identity against the odds, and fleeting images of violence. In truth, the actual lyrics Kalnoky's singing are, for the above reasons, often no easier to decipher than those heard on many hardcore punk records, though they're much less grating on the ear. And though they're helpfully printed in the sleeve, he's prone to jamming many words into very little time, so that some of them have to be reproduced in such small print that they're difficult to read. The band does prove itself able to concoct a variety of rhythms and arrangements within the ska-punk format, the accelerations and decelerations adding some drama, the horns adding some spy movie-like creepiness at times, and the frequent use of minor keys distinguishing Streetlight Manifesto melodically from some of the group's competition.

My favorite song from the album:

All in all I think everyone who has enjoyed my previous suggestions should listen to this one. Point/counterpoint never fails to get my blood pumping and its lyrics seem to never leave my head. Thanks again!

Like usual here is the random video of the day (Watch it al):

Haha hope you enjoyed! See ya later!


  1. lol i like ur random videos of the day

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  2. Wow, good stuff here. Thanks alot for this man

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  4. I used to swim too. Good times. I was wondering when you were gonna post Streetlight Manifesto, they're like one of the only ska bands I knew. At least before I followed your site. :)

  5. Streetlight was my favorite back in the day!!!!!!

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  6. everything always goes numb on me too, i just dont get it. must be the drugs

  7. Ah. Wow. (That's all I can say)
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  8. Not really into ska, but great post nonetheless!


  9. Streetlight is good, but sometimes they sound so corny! Haha nice blog though.

  10. Haven't listened to that album yet! Seems good!

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