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Hey guys its The Lemon bringing you the latest news in Ska/Ska-punk as well as the greatest hits of the genre. That is not all though, as we will be diving into the depths of current events and philosophy as well. There will definitely be a potpourri of subjects on this blog, something for everyone.Stay tuned for exciting games and discussions. Remember to add my Last.fm account "MaV3RiK101st"

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Day Jitters

Hey guys its The Lemon here coming at you with a new and upcoming blog "Ska Maniac". Hopefully I will be able to update this with News, Favorite albums, contests and more. This will prioritized in the Ska/Ska-Punk genre, but there will be more than just that. Feel free to send me suggestions or add me on Last.fm here. Without further ado, here we go.

Since There is not much time today I figured I would post my favorite Ska-Punk album:
Somewhere In Between: (Streetlight Manifesto)

This was the album that got me into the genre. Its fresh sound and amazing lyrics captivated me to get into the genre. Streetlight Manifesto does an amazing job and truly revolutionized Ska Punk with this one. The instruments blend together perfectly and Tomas Kalnoky does a great job with the lyrics. This is definitely a must for any entry level Ska Maniac, as many of the veterans have probably already listened to this one. As always feel free to comment your opinions and post other albums like this one.

Interested? Check out these sites for more info

Thats about all for now. Hopefully I can have a more detailed post tomorrow. I leave you with this video as we part:


  1. I can tell this is gonna be a great blog. Good luck!

  2. Good album.
    Looking forward to future posts.


  3. You'll be doing fine.

    I'm interested to see what you've got--I haven't followed ska since Spring Heeled Jack USA, to be honest. >.<

  4. I might check these out sometime. Thanks :)


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  6. AWESOME MAN! Love ska! Can't wait to see more!!!!