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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Omar Linx | The most promising upcoming rapper?

Not much time today guys, but I figured something was better than nothing. If you happen to be like me, then you probably love original music. I am guessing many of you enjoy some sort of rap. A lot of my audience also enjoys Dubstep. What would happen if you combined both? Omar Linx and Zeds Dead do that and more with

Out For Blood:

His fresh lyrics and sick beat really make this song, and I think he really deserves some credit. He has a mix-tape out called "A Cold Welcome" which can be downloaded for free from here. I really think this guy deserves more credit than he is getting, but I will let you decide. For more info check out his Myspace or Last.fm. A personal favorite song from ACW is his remix of Drop the World. It totally blows Lil Wayne out of the water.

As usual I leave you with a video as we part:

Have a nice Wednesday!


  1. interesting flow of Omar! Good luck with your blog

  2. ahah nice
    follwed and supported~


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  4. his flow is silly!

    following and supporting.

  5. Sick. Definitely has potential. Following.

  6. All hail the Hasselhoff!

    That second video was priceless and I actually enjoyed the first too. It's not my kind of music, but it's better than half the crap out there, so that's saying something!

  7. Thats a sick song!


  8. Wow, not sure waht to think. It's nice, I think, haha.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. im a big fan of rap and i thought the song was pretty good. followed!


  10. hey! the two beats were pretty good and would definitely be something i would throw into my ipod

    following and supporting so rmb to come back and check often with my blog!


  11. Omar Linx will definitely be huge soon. His music is unique.